Westward Mouldings can offer a range of solutions due to the many years of experience.


Bespoke GRP solutions 

We have a vast experience of making bespoke GRP solutions for our customers problems. GRP can be used to manufacture anything from aesthetic products to high specification components. GRP glass fibre is the most adaptive material when it comes to combining the structural properties of a product with lightness and durability. It can be moulded into any shape and made in any finish gloss, texture or matt and best of all it’s affordable.Westward Mouldings have successfully taken a range of products from the initial concept right through to manufacture.


Industrial Solutions 

Industrial Glass Fibre GRP has shown the ability to replace the traditional materials usually associated within Industry such as steel and aluminium.GRP demonstrates the ability to offer lightweight structural components which pass all industry approved testing such as fire ratings, structural and impact testing make it a great affordable option. It is a cost effective option for industries such as the marine, transport (rail and road)  and military environments.


GRP Repairs

Westward Mouldings is available to deliver quotes and repairs. 


Architectural GRP Products

The endless applications of GRP Products in the Architectural sector are highlighted by the materials ability to offer a cost effective lightweight alternative to traditional materials such as brick, marble, concrete & plaster. With the ability to mould features in any shape or design they can be manufactured to incorporate all the latest  regulations such as fire ratings, load bearing structures or even just a simple aesthetic feature.Westward mouldings has experience in manufacturing, cornices, coping/fascias, lighting supports,  garden details,garden ornaments/mobiles  and a whole host of architectural features to meet your requirements.

Energy Solutions

Westward mouldings has experience in some classic yet modern and relevant solutions for the energy sector. Westward Mouldings has demonstrated its excellence in producing both functional and non function waterwheels. Used simply as garden features or fully functional hydro-electric plants.

Other services include: Glass fibre pattern making Glass fibre resprays Assisted Bespoke pattern design support and manufacturing and we have done art work /creative work.